Silver 'bubblegum' Stud Earrings (small)

Silver 'bubblegum' earrings (small), from the 'sweets with the change' range.
Size of earring on earlobe is approx. 6mm diameter.

The “Sweets with the Change” range, taps into nostalgia, memory and insights into Cape Town communities. The range touches on the role that ‘the corner shop’ played as the backdrop to our childhoods - the sense of responsibility when buying a loaf of bread for your ‘Ma’ and the joy of asking for ‘sweets with the change’. The range rehashes and reinterprets my favourite sweets in clever ways and relooking at magical moments associated with sweets.

 The ring is produced from chewed pieces of 'Chappies' bubblegum. The range is executed by casting techniques and takes the exact shape on the gum; teeth marks and all. The piece is solid metal and no bubblegum remains inside.  I get to chew and catalogue vast amounts of bubblegum and play around with my food. Sourcing the material means riding around to different sweet wholesalers or corner shops to test bubble gum.