Silver and Brass '3 sweetie' Neckpiece

The three 'skittle' or 'smarty' or 'rascals' pendant is made up of 2 silver and 1 brass 'sweet-like' shapes on a 45cm silver chain. 

This piece is from the 'sweets with the change' range and was inspired by not only the sweets we loved- smarties, skittles, rascals and m&m's shapes- but also  the memories of sharing a box of sweets with my 2 brothers- hence the 3 sweets on the necklace.
THE SCENE: One box of sweets, a carpet (because all houses were carpetted back then) and usually the eldest sibling sharing the sweets, by touching and moving each sweet to its new owner- 'one for you, one for you and one for me' etc etc, until the box was empty and we finished thirding the remaining sweet :)