Brass 'bubblegum' pendant

Brass 'bubblegum' pendant on silver chain, from the 'sweets with the change' range.

Size of pendant is approx. 6mm diameter on chain.
Please add your preferred chain length- 42cm, 45cm or 50cm -in the comments section on 'check out'. 

 The 'sweets with the change' range focusses on the 'corner shop', and the important role it played in the communities we grew up in. The nostalgia of being sent to the shop to buy a loaf of bread and then the reward of asking the shopkeeper for 'sweets with the change' is the main theme of the range. All jewellery pieces are based on and re interpret the sweets of that time.  

  • The bubblegum pendant is casted from chewed bubblegum. I've spent loads of time chewing and catalogueing gum to get the right shapes with the clearest teeth marks. The bubblegum is put in a mould and casted into solid metal. Please note the bubblegum range is solid metal and the bubblegum is only used to create a mould. 

The memory evoked is of the 'sweet shop' visit that came along with going to the airport to see or receive family from far away lands. The shop at the airport always had such new and fun sweets.